Monday, April 13, 2009

first wedding gig, MUSLIM!

so i worked my first wedding gig, ran into a big problem the second i started, first of all this isnt my first official gig, i was assistant photographer. the way it worked was the men and women were in separate halls (same building) but they are cut off from each other. so i worked the male side and my boss worked the female side. i used the company's nikon d200. and the new super battery pak for more power!! but thats where something went wrong, i pluged it into the camera but got no power :( unfortunatley my boss didnt bring the instruction manual, so i had to try and figure out how this new gizmo works and fast (button smashing). i ran outa time so i took the pak off and had to hold the battery in place while taking pics cause the groom starting making his grand entrance! but after things cooled down a bit i was able to come back and cleverly figured out how the battery pak works (MORE BUTTON SMASHING). and things were cool from there

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